Portage Salarial

An umbrella company for consultants. How does it work?

Our Services:

Being an independent consultant, Select Services will act for you in establishing consultancy projects.

Select Services helps to ensure that you receive the best possible net pay and gives you the opportunity to claim allowable business expenses.

Your advantages:

You, as a contractor, work as if you were self-employed:

Why contractors choose us?

At Select Services we specifically tailor our competencies and capabilities to meet your demands. By choosing to cooperate with us, you will benefit from our following advantages:


Working with Select Services is made simple and carefree


Enjoy maximum flexibility as Select Services discharges you from administrative and legal constraints


Select Services empowers you with full control, offering you maximum transparency and reliability of our services


Select Services' commits itself to serving you with the highest of standards of quality.

Select Services as an Umbrella Company:


1. The consultant and the client company directly negotiate the terms of contract (service contract, goal, duration, fee)

2. The consultant is employed by Select Services

3. Select-Services invoices the client company for fees corresponding to the services completed by the consultant

4. The consultant receives his fee as salary from Select-Services , after deductions for social and payroll taxes.