Portage Salarial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you estimate my salary and tax for me?
Yes we can. Tax is complicated and depends among other things on where you live, what work permit you have, if you are married and whether you have dependent children. In addition, you may be subject to wealth tax.
How much do the services you provide cost?
Our costs vary between 1% and 10%, according to the turnover.
Will I be able to enjoy a retirement plan?
Yes. As an employee you make payments from your gross income to the basic stage pension (AVS) and to a private fund
How do I get paid?
Generally you will receive a salary payment when we receive the funds from the contracting company. However, we can advance salary to you for an additional 1% fee. You may also choose to spread your income by taking a 13th month salary, or bonus, or if you know you will have void periods to cover.
Does being an employee of Select-Services affect my unemployment benefit in Switzerland?
Yes, but in a positive manner because, as an employee of Select-Services you will build up unemployment credits. If you are currently on unemployment benefits and you find a long-term contract, you will naturally come off the unemployment register. If you have a short-term contract, you are able to remain on the unemployment register while revalidating your unemployment credits.
Will I receive holiday pay?
Your salary includes an amount for the minimum legal paid holidays in Switzerland. As an employee you can decide whether to adjust the work/holiday equation above the legal minimum of 20 days per year and take a higher number of days at a lower salary.
I will shortly be arriving in Switzerland. What do I need to do in regard to a work permit that will allow me to work?
It depends on your nationality and where you live. Citizens of most EU countries can obtain a work permit which Select-Services can arrange for you. However, if you live outside Geneva, you must request it yourself from the commune in which you will be living. In the event that you live in France, Select-Services can ask for a cross-border permit (permis G) for you.
Will I be insured?
As an employee, you are provided with accident insurance as well as insurance in case of illness.
Can I work part-time or have irregular contracts?
Yes, and Select-Services caters for this. In fact, in the months when you have no billing, you are not charged a fee by Select-Services.
Is Select-Services an employment agency?
No. It is an authorised labour-leasing company which enables highly specialized individuals to invoice a contracting company which wishes to use their services. Furthermore, we will advise and help you find contracts or direct you to companies which might need someone with your skills.
What are the differences between Select-Services and an interim or temporary employment agency?
Select-Services is not an employment agency. We do not match candidates with employers. We help individuals work with specialized contractee companies that have entered (are about to enter) into a commercial agreement for the services of the individual. Moreover, we are considerably cheaper than agencies who may charge as much as 150% of the contractor's rate to the contractee.
To whom do I report to?
Select-Services is not at all involved in your day-to-day work. You report to, and receive instructions from, your line manager at the contracting company.
Can I claim expenses?
Any expenses that the contractee firm has agreed to reimburse, may be claimed. Typically these include travel, lodging, meals and communication.
What connects Select-Services to its consultants?
Select-Services signs a contract with the contractor which:
  • Specifies the relationship between the consultant and Select-Services for the duration of the consultancy contract;
  • Clarifies the financial and legal demands on Select-Services of the activity of the consultant.
Can I be a member of Select-Services before having found my first contract?
Yes, you can sign an agreement before you have negotiated a specific contract.
Is there a minimum turnover required to be able to make myself available to Select-Services?
No. Select-Services allows you to sign an agreement of cooperation before having begun your task. We don't ask for a minimum turnover. You can take time to negotiate your contract and its terms, and to undertake activities that you are able to do.